Looking over hill and dale.....

Here's the youngest Kitty Tribe member: Squeaky!
She was sooo little when she joined the Kitty Tribe
that she didn't know how to meow... she squeaked!
Squeaky is now 8 months old and she LOVES to play 
with the rest of the Kitty Tribe!

Squeaky just graduated from Claw's kittengarten
April 5th, 1998.  Way to go Squeaky!

Claw -- the coolest cyber-cat club on the planet!

All Kitty Tribe Members are proud members of 

Claw -- for cats who RULE!!!

The Kitty Tribe Members are:   Patches (our eldest member)
         and of course,        Squeaky!

Frankie, Ivy, Sensi, and Cosmo are all brofurs and sisfurs from 
the same litter!  They all love each other and spend countless
hours playing, sleeping and washing each other!!!

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