Come and listen to a tale about the Kitty Tribe!
Six spunky kitties all sparky and so alive!
Then one day they were chasing birds and mice...
they knew right away that the outdoors is soo nice!

Well the next thing you know all their friends gathered 'round
and said such sparky kitties shouldn't live in town,
They said "out in the country, that's where you oughta be!".
So Mommy loaded up the truck and moved the family....

To Carsonville, PA...that where to!
Big pine trees, and wild turkeys too!

The Kitty Tribe Estates!

Welcome to the Kitty Tribe Estates!
The Home of the Kitty Tribe!

Here is where the wild turkeys, deer and coyote roam,
along with an occassional bear or bobcat!

We LOVE to put on our harnessess and take our humans
for their walks!

Underneath the front porch, we have a "Kitty Pen" 
that we can go in and out of anytime we like (through the
kitty door - of course!).  We are planning our first movie;
it will be called "Kitties in the Pen"...

We also enjoy watching the birdfeeders and sometimes we
have wild turkeys RIGHT IN OUR FRONT YARD!

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