WELCOME to the Purr Scouts of CLAW Space Exploration Seminar!


The Purr Scouts of CLAW are purroud to have this seminar purrsented by the Fleet Admiral of CLAW's Cats in Space -- Genghis Kahn!

Fleet Admiral Genghis Kahn


Good morning Purr Scouts!

I am Fleet Admiral Genghis Kahn, coleader of CLAW's Cats in Space. I am here today to talk about space exploration.

From the beginning of time, cats and men have been drawn to the stars. But the questions outnumbered the answers on how to explore space.

First of all, how to get there? As great as we can jump, none of us can jump high enough or hard enough to break the strings of gravity that bind us to this planet.

Secondly, how would we breathe, or eat, or even nap? What kind of vehicle do we need? And how would we know where we were going, or even where we were?

It took many generations of studying and hard work to develop a vehicle to travel in, fuel to power it, an environment that we could live in and a navigation system to guide us.

Today, we can go to Space! But there are things you must do to prepare you for that wonderful experience.

1. You must be physically fit....don't let yourself get fat or lazy... eat well and exercise.

2. Education...you need to have a good education with a solid base in science and mathematics.

3. You must have the will and desire to pursue this dream in spite of the hard work and long hours. But all of these things are possible! I've never met a kitty who couldn't achieve anything he/she set his/her mind to, and the reward is great!

Reach for the Stars!


To earn your Purr Scouts Exploration Badge

1. Visit CLAW's Cats in Space and describe 3 topics or activites that you investigated.

2. Write a short essay to answer the following questions:

Mew about why you would like to go to Space. What do you think would be the greatest hardship for you about travelling in Space?

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