After the delicious meal, the kitties tour the lovely lodge until they finally arrive at the honeymoon suites.




Simon & Sensi's Suite





Simon: Will this do Princess?

Sensi: Oh it is truly and royally beautiful! I love it!



Pepper & Ivy's Suite

Pepper: I thought this suite fitted us purrfectly! It is bright and cheery like my Angel Face!

Ivy: Oh it is so cozy and warm, purrfect fur cuddling ! Purrrrrrrrrrrrr...






Pepper: It's dark now, let's go outside and play in the snow!

Ivy: Oh that sounds like a good idea!

Simon: Don't furget your muff dear! I wouldn't want my Princess to get frozen paws!

Sensi: Don't worry my Prince! I have super furry paws, remember?

Simon: How could I furget? Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Go play in the snow!