The newly wedwinked kitties quietly slip away from the wedwink reception and swiftly make their way to their honeymoon, fur they have a long journey to make it to their surprise destination...They travel all night by horse-drawn sleigh, cozy and warm, curled up around each other. They are surprised when they awaken and it is daytime!


Sensi: Oooooooooo! This must be the place! What a beautiful lake!

Simon: Sorry dearest! We still have a ways to go! See those mountains up there? That's where we are headed!

Ivy: Surely this must be the place! The lake is so clear!

Pepper: Nope! But we are getting closer!


The kitties near the top of the mountain and the brides try not to look upset! Yes it is furry beautiful, but it is COLD and where will they sleep?

Seeing the concern on the brides' faces, the boys swiftly guide the wedwink party around the next mountain ridge to...


The Honeymoon Destination!

Pepper: Like it girls?

Ivy and Sensi: Like it! We LOVE it! It's beautiful!

Simon: It's been a long trip! Let's hurry inside and warm up by the fire and have a bite to eat!


Brrrrr! Best hurry inside!

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