Cosmo & Patches!

Here's Cosmo and Patches taking well deserved naps!

This is an unusual picture because Patches merely
"tolerates" the "youngens"! Normally, she would never
sleep with those "young whippersnappers"!!!

Little Mao...

This is Little Mao -- our human Mommy's soulcat.

Unfortunately, Little Mao disappeared without a trace from 
Shippensburg, PA, around Thanksgiving, 1996.

Mommy spent over a year looking for Little Mao even
though she moved almost 70 miles away.

Despite advertising in 5 newspapers, posting bulletins, 
checking shelters and vets, she could not find
her Little Mao! She still goes to Shippensburg 
to look for him.  Since we lived near Shippensburg
University, we're hoping maybe a college student took
him home. Little Mao has such thick fur, such a
long tail, and a very friendly and perky personality!

Even people who didn't care for cats fell in love
with Little Mao!

Mommy still cries and dreams about him.
He will ALWAYS be her soulcat!
Someday they will meet again, even if it's
much later, at the Rainbow Bridge...

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