Welcome to the

Honeymoon Suites!


Molly Sue: Are we sleeping in the treehouse Bubba?

Bubba: Nope! I was assured that we would all have our own honeymoon suites!

Frankie: Lets go check them out!

Ginger: Oh goodie! I am soooooo excited!

Cosmo: Then we will go to a special honeymoon feast, then we'll come back and cuddle!

Kricket: Now THAT sounds like a wonderfur plan!


Ginger and Frankie's Suite -


Kricket and Cosmo's Suite -


Molly Sue and Bubba's Suite -


Frankie: Well everybody, will these suites do?

Cosmo: We could always sleep in the treehouse if these are not to your liking!

Ginger and Kricket: They are purrfect! Let's go eat so we can come back and -

Everyone: CUDDLE!


To the Honeymoon Feast!