The Castle's Garden Path

Kricket: Where does the path go?

Cosmo: It's a surprise!

Frankie: Like it my dear?

Ginger: I can't wait to see where it goes!

Molly Sue: It's so romantic!

Bubba: Then it's purrfect fur us my love!


The newlywedwinked kitties walk paw in paw down the garden path to their own purrsonal fish pond, complete with lounging areas!


Cosmo: We'll come back here in a moment, but first we wanted to show you a special surprise!


The Treehouse!

Bubba: Well this is something fur sure!

Molly Sue: Amazing! It's the fanciest treehouse I ever saw!

Frankie: We had it built just fur this occassion!

Ginger: Wow! This must be the best honeymoon ever!

Cosmo: Well it is! The most beautiful brides in the world are here!

Kricket: Awwwwwwwww Cozee!


To the Honeymoon Suites!