Have you ever wished you had a Grandkitty in your life? Many kitties are not fortunate enough to have a Grandkitty in their families - an older kitty to share their stories, time, and wisdom...





Announcing the Purr Scouts'

Adopt-a-Grandkitty Program!


Hello! I am Patches Jezabelle, Director of the Purr Scouts and Master Purr Scouts Leader, as well as a member of CLAW's Older Cat Society. I am furry happy to announce the Purr Scouts Adopt-a-Grandkitty Program ! This is a cooperative effort between the Purr Scouts and CLAW's Older Cats Society.


Interested Purr Scouts may sign up fur a Grandkitty by e-meowing Purr Scouts' Headquarters . Purr Scouts will be matched with a volunteer Grandkitty fur a month and have the opportunity to communicate and interact with their adopted Grandkitty. At the end of the month, you will be awarded the Purr Scouts Adopt-a-Grandkitty badge,and purrhaps have made a new kitty furriend!


PS Grandkitty Badge Requirements

Please Note! There are many Purr Scouts and just a few volunteer Grandkitties, so you may need to be a patient Purr Scout!

COMING SOON! The Purr Scouts' Grandkitty Photo Gallery! Where Purr Scouts' can proudly display pictures of Grandkitties and Grandkits!!