Welcome to the Purr Scouts of Claw!

Greetings Purr Scouts and WELCOME to our furry first mewsletter!

As of 9/10/98, we have 48 Purr Scouts from several countries, as well as some outstanding Purr Scout Leaders and advisors!

The Purr Scouts are happy to announce that our first Purr Scout classes have been posted at CLAW!!! Just go to the meeting room at CLAW and click on Purr Scouts on the Guilds List (on the left hand side) and soon you will be on your way to earning your first Purr Scout badges! The Purr Scouts are grateful to Master Scout Leaders Max and Tissy fur their assistance and an extra hearty thank mew to Purr Scouts Oliver & Belle -- these talented memfurs of Purr Scouts have been a BIG help in bringing you these new Purr Scout classes!

We hope you enjoy our first two classes, and more badge-earning opportunities and activities will soon be available! Points will also be awarded for attending classes, participation in activities, suggestions, and for providing assistance. We hope to make Purr Scouts a friendly,exciting experience fur all!

Let the Purr Scout adventures begin!

Yours in Purr Scouts, Patches Jezabelle, Director of the Purr Scouts of CLAW & Eldest Memfur of the Kitty Tribe

Purr Scout Mews and Information!

Meet the Purr Scout Leaders!

Patches -- Director (pictured above) & Eldest memfur of the Kitty Tribe

Max -- Master Scout Leader and Assistant Director

Tissy -- Master Scout Leader

Penny -- Advisor and Purr Scout

Murph -- Advisor

Ivy -- Kit Purr Scout Leader & Kitty Tribe memfur

Cosmo -- Kit Purr Scout Leader & Kitty Tribe Memfur

Sensi -- Explorer Purr Scout Leader & Kitty Tribe memfur

Frankie -- Explorer Purr Scout Leader & Kitty Tribe memfur

All new Purr Scouts are Kit Purr Scouts until they earn their first three badges! After earning three badges, you may become an Explorer Purr Scout! To become a Master Purr Scout, you must earn at least ten badges and participate in a community service project!

New classes, activities and community service projects will be announced as soon as they are available!

Don't furget the Purr Scout motto: PURR SCOUTS ARE ALWAYS PURRPARED!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, ideas and suggestions! Just e-meow us at catlady85@hotmail.com Thank mew!!!

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