Curious, mew hurry to the edge of the lake. Mew get mewr Purr Scout binoculars out of mewr backpack to take a closer look...

Why it's Purr Scout Leaders Ivy and Sensi, and Purr Scouts Pepper and Simon taking the sailboat on a test run! Oh it looks like so much fun! Soon mew are sailing, feeling the wind in mewr fur and the sun on mewr face! Ahhhhhh- this is the life and mew secretly dream of life as a seafaring cat.


After mewr boat ride, mew stroll around the lake and see Purr Scouts Squeaky and Triffan fishing! Soon mew are fishing too, laughing and having a great time. Mew catch several taste-tempting fish fur tonight's fish roast by the campfire!


All too soon, the sun starts to set and the lake sky is ablaze with color! Time to hurry back to camp; it's time to get ready fur the Purr Scouts' square dance and then the Purr Scouts' Campfire Jamboree! Mew can roast some fish fur supper! And rumor has it that there are marshmousies to toast! The Purr Scout Leaders quickly gather the Purr Scouts and their guests and take a shorter trail back to the camp.


PS Square Dance!