What a great day fur a hike! Mewr whiskers twitch in anticipation, mew can smell adventure in the air! Purr Scouts' Director Patches Jezabelle decides to lead the furst hike and Purr Scout Leader Pepe begins the Purr Scouts hiking chant! Mew join in, with gusto!

Left! Left! Left - Right - Left!

Left! Left! Left - Right - Left!

I lefted my way

Fur 45 days

To the point of starvation

Without any tuna fish!

Left! Left! Left - Right - Left!


After hiking merrily along, PS Director Patches calls fur the Purr Scouts to take a break in a cool and shady grove in the forest.

"Soon we will be hiking along the stream and then we will arrive at Purr Scouts Lake! We have efurrything we need to go sailing and fishing!"

*All the Purr Scouts mew fur joy!

"But furst I would like to tell you a little story before we continue."

Patches tells the Purr Scouts and their guests a story about when she was a kitten and got lost in the woods. Luckily, the story has a happy ending! PS Director Patches Jezabelle stresses the importance of staying with the group and not to wander off by mewself!


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