Surprise Hillary!

It's time the world learns about

Hillary of Neverest!

Your furiends and fans, the Kitty Tribe, has started this page

fur you! We can add pictures of your family, your awards

favorite links, and anything else your dear heart desires!

This is a work in progress so many of the buttons don't work,

but they will! This is a labor of



Hillary is a purroud memfur of

and an esteemed Countess of CLAW too!

We will need to add a page fur all your awards and guild

activites! The awards from your leadership of

The Hidden Paw

are enough to fill a page all by themselves!


Of course you will need a furiends page too! Tee hee!


Most of the buttons below don't work yet, but they will!

We wanted to submit them fur your approval!

We hope you like our little surprise!