Welcome to the Purr Scouts Helping Paws Project!

Warning! The Purr Scouts Helping Paws Project is much more than a normal Purr Scouts badge! It is a community service project that counts towards the community service requirement of becoming a Master Purr Scout! Much more effort is required and the Purr Scouts' Helping Paws Project is the equivalent of the humans' Eagle Scout project.

Patches Jezabelle, Director of the Purr Scouts

Merawr Purr Scouts! Here is your chance to make a REAL Difference in the world, to help your fellow felines! The purpose of the Purr Scouts Helping Paws Project is to improve the welfare of cats in some small, but real way. Earning this award is going to be challenging, but it anyone can handle a challenge, I know the Purr Scouts can!


To earn the Purr Scouts Helping Paws Award, here's what you need to do --

1. Carefully consider the following suggested projects, or come up with a project idea of your own, then e-meow the Purr Scouts Council at catlady85@hotmail.com with your idea fur approval. This project must be undertaken specifically fur earning your Purr Scouts Helping Paws Award, NOT something that you are already involved in or a past project.

2. Upon approval of your project idea, begin working on your project! You will want to save any web pages, letters, or other things involved with your project! Why? -- -- --

3. To include with a brief write up of your project to submit to the Purr Scouts Council fur final approval. You can include an URL to a web page you made, or copies of e-meows sent, or pictures of signs, etc... Your project results will be shared with your fellow Purr Scouts via the Purr Scouts Mewsletter. Upon final approval, you will receive the highly-esteemed Purr Scouts Helping Paws Award pin, to be worn above your badges with lots of Purr Scout Purride!

You may be wondering, what can I do? Well Purr Scouts are ALWAYS full of ideas, but here are a couple to get you started!

1. Spay/neuter - You would think that efurryone would know the importance of spaying or neutering, but alas, many do not! Efurry year, MILLIONS of animals die because of pet overpopulation, while others have furry little to eat and live a miserable existence. Here is your chance to help educate others! You could make a web page dedicated to the importance of spaying and neutering. You could command your human to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about it; unfortunately the human will have to sign his/her name, even though it was YOUR idea! Hisssssssssss!

2. Tougher laws fur animal abusers - Unfortunately, in most places, animal abuse and cruelty is not taken seriously. The abusers, if caught, often get little more than a slap on the wrist, if they suffer any conseqences at all! Humans must be made aware that cruelty is not species-specific; that a human bad enough to hurt an animal is just as likely to hurt a human child or a spouse! Research the laws where you live, are they fair and just? If not, time to let others know this is not right! You could make a web page, have your human write a letter or make up flyers about how we need tougher laws to punish those who would hurt us!

3. Help your local shelter -- Command your human to purrticipate in a fund-raising event, like a Walk fur the Animals. Or have your own fund-raising event! Get a bunch of friends and family members to collect cans to recycle fur money that can be donated to the shelter, or have a bake-sale or bike-a-thon. Efurry little bit helps! Or command your human to sponser a cat to be spayed/neutered so they will be more likely to be adopted. Or volunteer at the shelter a few days a month!


Need more project ideas? Then the purrfect places to visit are CLAW's Animal Rights Guild or the Safe Harbor Campaign !!! There are lots of project ideas there, and good links to even more worthwhile causes!


The Purr Scouts are not only always purrpared, but ready to help our fellow felines and make the world a little bit better place fur kitties! Are YOU ready fur a REAL Purr Scouts challenge?