The Purr Scouts'


Badge Requirements


1. Purr Scouts shall write an e-meow of introduction within one week of being assigned their Grandkitty. The e-meow should include name, e-meow address, age, a physical description, where you live, family memfurs, activites and clubs you purrticipate in, favorite toys, favorite foods, etc... A copy of this e-meow should be furwarded (cc) to the Purr Scouts at

2. Purr Scouts shall interact with their Grandkitties fur one month through e-meow communications and purrticipation in activities.

3. At the end of the month of purrticipation, Purr Scouts shall purrsent their Grandkitties with a small gift. This can be a picture of yourself, a picture, poem or story created by yourself, a certificate or award, a gif file with a suitable gift, etc.

4. Upon completion of the above requirements, Purr Scouts shall be awarded their badges.


Most importantly -- HAVE FUN!!!


If you have any questions, please contact the Purr Scouts at